Weekly Writing Prompt: Love

In honor of Valentine’s Day, this week’s theme is simple:


It doesn’t matter what genre you write, nor whether you prefer fiction or nonfiction. Love is always present in whatever we’re writing (or reading). It could be as obvious as a sweeping romance novel, or more subtle, such as a character’s quiet devotion to the town where they grew up.

More often than not, the most powerful love comes from the writer themselves. You can feel it in every word, even if the subject matter is anything but sweet. It could be a gore soaked battle, a bitter rivalry, or the most heartless characters imaginable. The love with which those works are written still translates, which is why (at least to me) every one of them is a love story to some degree.

Anyway, I digress. Let’s get to this week’s prompts!

Prompt for Fiction Writers: A Different Kind of Love

Choose a type of love you’ve never explored in your writing. This could be romantic in nature, familial, or an unusual friendship. You can even write about the love between a person and some nonhuman entity (animal, favorite possession, etc). Anything is acceptable, as long as it’s something you’ve never attempted before.

Prompt for Nonfiction Writers: For the Love of Writing

How did you fall in love with writing? When was it and what made you feel that way? Describe that moment in as much detail as possible and/or list several reasons why you love writing in general.

Prompt for Fanfiction Writers: Love Unexpected

Choose two characters that make absolutely no sense to you as a romantic pairing. Put them together, doing your best to make their relationship as believable as possible.

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  1. I had nothing yesterday when the prompt was posted… but guess what? I can live up to my reputation when it comes to these challenges, because this morning was a different ball game and a little flash of inspiration hit. 🙂

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