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Four Tips for Stronger, More Concise Writing

When I first started writing,  I wanted to use all the words.  I crammed my sentences full of adjectives and adverbs, determined to be as descriptive as possible. Why mention a character’s blue eyes when I could talk about her sparkling, luminous turquoise orbs? No relevance to the scene? Who cares! It sounds pretty.

(That was 15 years ago. Don’t judge me.) Continue reading Four Tips for Stronger, More Concise Writing

Criticizing Constructively: 7 Helpful Tips

As a fanfiction writer, one of the best parts of my day is reading reviews. The feedback I receive bolsters my confidence and has helped me grow as a writer. Reviews have put me in contact with a lot of other writers and readers, too, and through them, I’ve become a part of a wonderful and inspirational community of people I never would have met otherwise.

Unfortunately, not all feedback is sunshine and rainbows. For every review that offers thought-provoking insight and wonderful recommendations, there’s another that is disheartening and perhaps even rude. Continue reading Criticizing Constructively: 7 Helpful Tips

7 Mistakes Even Published Authors Make

Before I start, I want to say I have nothing but respect for anyone who has become a published author. I recognize the hard work, sweat, and tears that go into writing, and whenever I’m in a bookstore or library, I look at every cover with stars in my eyes. Sure, I might not always like what is being written, and sometimes I do catch myself thinking “how did this ever get published?” but at the end of the day, I think every published author is brilliant and wonderful, if only because they did it.

That doesn’t mean I can’t poke fun at them though, does it?
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