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Weekly Writing Prompt: Love

In honor of Valentine’s Day, this week’s theme is simple:


It doesn’t matter what genre you write, nor whether you prefer fiction or nonfiction. Love is always present in whatever we’re writing (or reading). It could be as obvious as a sweeping romance novel, or more subtle, such as a character’s quiet devotion to the town where they grew up.
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Weekly Writing Prompt: The Bookstore

Welcome to Wednesday Writing Prompt! This is a weekly series, one that’s specifically geared toward fiction writers.

There are no shortage of writing prompts on the internet. Type a couple words into Google and you’ll find a whole slew of them. Unfortunately, quantity doesn’t always mean quality. Too many prompts will just tell you to write about your first day of school or your favorite season, basic things that are neither imaginative or inspiring.

Does that mean we shouldn’t write about ourselves? Of course not! But if you prefer writing fiction (as I do), you’d much rather explore someone else’s life.
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