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Writer Research: Guns

Is your protagonist a former spy on the run from the government? An intrepid reporter who sticks her nose where it doesn’t belong? Guns often play a major role in contemporary fiction, especially in genres like mystery or suspense.

So how do you portray guns accurately? How do you avoid clichés and misconceptions? This primer will help you get started, covering basic terminology while debunking things you may have “learned” from the big screen.

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Writer Research: Sword Fighting

So now that we’ve gone over swords, let’s talk about fighting with them.

Basic Terminology
  • Advance – a short movement forward
  • Binding – engaging the opponent’s weapon to stop an attack
  • Countering – defending by attacking at the same time as one’s opponent
  • Cut – a slashing attack with the edge of the blade
  • Fade – a leap backward
  • Feint- a fake attack made to bait an opponent
  • Lunge – a leap forward
  • Parry – deflecting an opponent’s blade with one’s own
  • Retreat – a short movement backward
  • Thrust – a stabbing attack with the point of the sword
  • Voiding – moving out of the way of an attack

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