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Financial Crime III: Bribery

1. You are offered a 15% discount on shoes if you purchase a particular brand. 

2. A Tupperware store offers your TV channel $100 000 to promote their products. 

3. A basketball team offers $500 000 to a TV station in return for positive coverage. 

4. A shareholder offers a banker $750 000 in return for preferential interest rates and higher dividends. 

Which of these do you think would qualify as bribery?
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Beyond Wikipedia – 8 Awesome Sites for Writer Research

Wikipedia is often unreliable, but where else do we go for information? Finding accurate sources can be difficult, especially if we don’t already have some knowledge of our subject.

If this sounds familiar, fear not. We’ve rounded up a list of reliable sites you can use as starting points for deeper research. Continue reading Beyond Wikipedia – 8 Awesome Sites for Writer Research