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Financial Crime III: Bribery

1. You are offered a 15% discount on shoes if you purchase a particular brand. 

2. A Tupperware store offers your TV channel $100 000 to promote their products. 

3. A basketball team offers $500 000 to a TV station in return for positive coverage. 

4. A shareholder offers a banker $750 000 in return for preferential interest rates and higher dividends. 

Which of these do you think would qualify as bribery?
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Financial Crime for Writers: An Overview

So you want to write about money – or rather, someone who commits crime for money. Where do you start?

Financial crime, or the fraudulent acquisition of property belonging to someone else, is a vast topic. We don’t read novels to learn about suspicious anomalies on the company balance sheet – if we’re not careful, dialogue can morph into info-dump, and characters can be dwarfed by organisations and governments.

So how do we avoid this? How do we strike the right balance between “too little” and “too much” information?
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