Great Sites for Researching Law and Criminal Investigation

Do you find traditional investigative techniques intimidating? Does courtroom language make your head spin?
Spend some time on the sites below and you’ll be able to write about these subjects with ease!

LII – Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute provides free access to laws from around the world and includes resources to help you understand those laws. – Better search options than LII but only covers US law. Features a forum where anyone can ask questions about legal matters. – Includes print, audio, and video media regarding current happenings in the legal world with insight into the “behind the scenes” operations of law firms.

Supreme Court of the United States – Contains detailed information on the workings of the US court system with various court media available such as argument audio and Orders of the Court. – Along with information on operations past and present, the FBI also works with authors to create accurate portrayals of the Bureau.

Crime Scene Investigator Network – A great collection of resources on the various aspects of crime scene investigation.

Explore Forensics – Explains the how and why of forensic science in simple language. Very useful in determining what sort of evidence a suspect might leave behind and how that could be used in an investigation.

A Simplified Guide to Forensic Science – The language on the site is not as simple as it could be, but it contains a great selection of lessons on various forensic fields.

NACJD – Contains extensive statistics on crime with supporting documentation but can be overwhelmingly technical.

Writer’s Detective – A fairly new site run by a police detective who shares insight into the investigative process through his podcasts and weekly emails.

Also check out these great print resources!

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