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Jaq's Art Thread

Thank you. I just wish I could be inspired to draw more.  Apart from the last, Christmas post, all the other art on here is directly tied into my stories in one way or another.  To answer your questions - or try to.

1) I haven't really timed my drawing.  Some, like the felt pen 'goddess' one, were completed in one sitting in a couple of hours? Most of the others are done in little bits - a half hour/45 minute block and then returning to it over the course of a few days.  The more detailed ones definitely take hours whereas the scribble ones can be done in less.

2) Usually it's the writing which inspires the art.  I write a scene and it's really vivid in my mind and I want to try to draw it.  The same goes for scenes I've drawn from TV shows or pictures of actors.  I see it and instantly know I want to give it a go.  Interestingly though one of the pictures here came before the fic and it was only when planning the story that I realised I could use the art to influence the words. Also I've been working with a digital artist who creates moodboards for my fanfics and there have been times when an image she's found has prompted me to include it in the story.

3) I cannot do digital art - it really confuses me.  I did have a art tablet (which no longer works) but really only used it like a pen and paper and quickly decided that traditional art suits me better.  Pencil, colour pencil and felt pen are my favourite mediums (and I often combine them) and I've recently rediscovered pastels which I had last used when at college. Haven't used paint of any sort since I was a teenager and I obviously learnt so many different techniques when I was there.  Again, I now tend to embrace what I'm most comfortable with.

Thanks for the lovely words and the questions. xxx

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