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Big Changes Ahead!

Those of you who have stopped into the Discord server recently may have already heard, but there are big changes ahead for this site!

The current version of Story Scribes will close on Friday, February 15.

That means you need to save any posts, messages, or blog entries you want to keep!

The new version of Story Scribes will launch by Tuesday, February 19.

While the name and address will remain the same, this will be a completely new site geared toward fantasy writers and artists. The structure will be a forum similar to our previous sites (Whimsical Wanderings and The Heart of Camelot) that will welcome both originals and fanworks. Everyone will need to re-register once the site is relaunched.

Updates regarding this change will be posted to our social media:

This change is being made in the interest of the development of both our members and our community and we hope you will support us by passing along word to members who don't stop by very often or those who may be interested in the new site focus. We believe the familiar format will help everyone feel welcome and bring us closer together again as well as drawing new creators into the fold. Hope to see you all on the other side!

Thanks Dee-- I think the 19th will actually be a Tuesday, though. Did you mean Monday 18th?

Looking forward to it!

Well spotted! I have updated the post 😉

I've been MIA for a while but this sounds like exciting news! See everyone on the new forum!

Exciting news, I will certainly mention it on my tumblr site.


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