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Beyond Wikipedia – 8 Awesome Sites for Writer Research

Wikipedia is often unreliable, but where else do we go for information? Finding accurate sources can be difficult, especially if we don’t already have some knowledge of our subject.

If this sounds familiar, fear not. We’ve rounded up a list of reliable sites you can use as starting points for deeper research. Continue reading Beyond Wikipedia – 8 Awesome Sites for Writer Research

Writer Research: Guns

Is your protagonist a former spy on the run from the government? An intrepid reporter who sticks her nose where it doesn’t belong? Guns often play a major role in contemporary fiction, especially in genres like mystery or suspense.

So how do you portray guns accurately? How do you avoid clichés and misconceptions? This primer will help you get started, covering basic terminology while debunking things you may have “learned” from the big screen.

Ready to get started?
Continue reading Writer Research: Guns