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Author Spotlight

Interested in free promotion for your book?

Here at Story Scribes, we have a feature called Thursday Threes, an informal Q&A for those with new and upcoming publications:

Three things you learned while writing (Book/Series Title):

Three sources of inspiration that have helped you in your writing:

Three pieces of advice you’d give to aspiring authors:

If you’d like to participate, please email us your responses. We’ll also need:

  • Graphics (book cover, promotional banners, etc.)
  • Links (website, social media, Amazon/Goodreads author pages, and/or direct link to the book you’re promoting)

Optionally, you can also provide a short bio, any credits/awards you’d like us to mention, and your author photo.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my Q&A be published?
The following Thursday after we receive your responses (unless you specify a different date).

Are there word count limits?
As long as you’re not writing single word responses or 10,000 word diatribes, you should be good.

Do you expect any compensation?
Recommending us and/or sharing your Q&A on social media is appreciated, though not required. We’re just writers who enjoy helping other writers.

What kind of books do you accept?
We welcome books from many different genres, both traditional and self published. Any subject matter is welcome, with the exception of books that promote hatred, discrimination, or criminal activity. That doesn’t mean we have a problem with fiction that includes these things (i.e. your antagonist is a misogynistic serial killer). What it does mean is that we won’t support books (especially nonfiction) that perpetuate harmful ideals. We’re a progressive site geared toward inclusion – racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of bigotry aren’t welcome here.

Please note: Books that are poorly written/produced or are highly self-promotional will also be rejected. This feature is designed for those who love to read/write literature – it’s not about making a quick buck.

My book isn’t in English. Can you still promote it?
Depending on the language, one of our staff members might be able to accommodate you. Please email us for further information.

Can I promote more than one book at a time?
We prefer to focus on a single release so as not to overwhelm our readers. However, you’re welcome to provide links to previous releases.
** If your book is part of a series, we’ll be sure to mention that in our introduction.

How do I respond to comments I’ve received on my Q&A?
You’ll need to register for the site to do that. Our registration process is quick and easy, though necessary to prevent spam and abuse.

Can I join your community?
Of course! Feel free to introduce yourself in the forum and/or join us in our Discord chat. We love welcoming new members!

Have a question that isn’t answered here? Please email us at admin@storyscribes.org.

All Writers Are Created Equal